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NiVe Entertainment Group is an artist-first label that offers the best of all worlds; the attention and commitment of an indie coupled with the reach and capabilities of a major through its partnership with Select-O-Hits. Originally founded in 2017 by Nikia Shanard and Vernon K, NiVe Entertainment Group is now home to superstar talent including Holly Monroe, MODSi, SAMXWAR, Andre Writer and Darryl "D. Wil" Wilson (executive producer/producer) and Johnathan "Chop" Merritt (executive producer/chief engineer), courtesy of Electric Field Entertainment.


NiVe Entertainment Group is a premiere full-service record company & publishing company that prides itself in not only the production and publishing music, but also on paying attention to the personal needs of the artist and providing the professional services to elevate to them to stardom.

Production and publishing of music; providing online entertainment, namely, providing sound and video recordings in the field of music and music based entertainment; entertainment services, namely, providing online pre-recorded musical sound and video recordings via a global computer network; audio and sound recording and production.



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